Chef Lisa Endorsements

See what leading health experts, veg community leaders and corporate spokespeople are saying about Chef Lisa and her Vegucation programs.

Chef Lisa is an amazing one of a kind talent. She is able to creatively transform raw and unprocessed foods into amazing, unique and delicious health promoting creations. We were so grateful to use her consulting services to help revise and rejuvenate our menus at Optimum Health Institute (OHI). She and her team are friendly, professional, organized and a joy to work with. We would recommend her services to any spa, restaurant or health institution seeking to elevate their culinary offerings to an unparalleled therapeutic level that will help your business and please your guests.
— Dr. Robert Nees, Jr., CEO, Optimum Health Institute, San Diego and Austin
Change is never easy. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but respect
good, healthy, and fresh food. Chef Lisa promotes change through her
enthusiastic teaching, sparkling presentations, and boundless energy and knowledge about healthy food. I did not plan on a change in diet, but Chef Lisa’s recipes just sealed the deal! She has opened my world to delicious and exciting plant-based eating. Her presentations are highly interactive because she encourages questions and maintains a very positive learning environment. You don’t have to be an expert cook to benefit from her teaching because she demystifies the cooking process through example and most of all through taste! I highly recommend any and all opportunities to
engage Chef Lisa - a gifted and true Master Chef!
— Dr. Ronald D. Garcia, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs Director, Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education Associate Director, Primary Care Associate Program Stanford School of Medicine
Chef Lisa’s cuisine is fresh, healthy, and delicious. It is a rare talent to be able to make wholesome food taste rich and flavorful, but she has the magic touch. I wish I could hire Chef Lisa as my personal chef!
— Colleen Holland, Publisher & Co-Founder of VegNews Magazine
My wife and I became vegan 6 years ago and much of credit for inspiring us to transition goes to Chef Lisa. She not only understands the science behind plant-based nutrition but she also makes learning how to prepare whole foods fun! And we always know that it will be health supporting. Chef Lisa is also educating the educators; health care professionals who can then pass down the health benefits of a plant-based diet to their patients. As a nurse in a cardiac rehabilitation program, I am extremely grateful to know that there is someone out there who is reaching out to clinicians. She is also a real diamond and a pleasure to be around!
— Dr. Greg Rohrbach, DNP, RN, FNP President, San Francisco Vegetarian Society
I’ve had the pleasure of attending Lisa’s dinners, events and demos. She is an amazing chef who is not only focused on quality and taste but also health and nutrition. Her gourmet dinners feature fusion cuisines and flavors from around the world. Her easy to follow demos showcase fresh local produce, beautiful, unique and mouth-watering presentations. She is funny, creative and passionate about her work, food and health. One can tell that her recipes are created with loving care and with years of experience perfecting them!
— Kuntal Goradia Customer Experience Analytics Leader at PayPal and life-long vegetarian
Lisa Books-Williams is a world class vegan chef and educator. As my colleague in our “Thriving On A Plant Based Diet” class I have been thoroughly impressed with Lisa’s culinary, teaching and people skills. Chef Lisa knows well that the science supporting a plant based diet is clear and she has made it her life’s mission to help others learn how to implement the change.
— Dr. Aaron M. Levy, MD, AGAF Physician, Department of Gastroenterology Kaiser Vallejo Medical Center.
Chef Lisa Books-Williams is a master of making healthy, whole food delicious and attractive. She is a caring and effective teacher of these skills.
— Dr. Steve Blake, ScD Doctor of Holistic Health, Specializing in Nutritional Biochemistry Faculty Nutritional Biochemist: Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Author of "No More Heart Attacks"
Chef Lisa is amazing! She has created plant-based recipes and meals that are not only healthy but also delicious. Her recipes are also easily prepared; perfect for people with busy lives. She explains the health benefits of her ingredients, as well as substitutions to address or circumvent a wide range of health issues.

Her cooking demos are great! As a busy professional, I had developed unhealthy eating habits. Her cooking demos and tastings showed how preparing healthy, tasty meals is much simpler than I feared. As someone unskilled in the kitchen, these demos reduced my anxiety and made me more confident about preparing healthy meals for myself.

Chef Lisa is very passionate and enthusiastic, eager to share her knowledge of the benefits of plant-based diets. She definitely puts her heart into her work, and cares deeply about her students.
— C.P., Stanford University Professor, Cardiac Patient and Kaiser Plant-Based Diet Class Student
Chef Lisa Books-Williams truly shines as a Vegucator. Her vibrant energy and engaging style makes learning how to prepare tasty and healthy meals fun and interesting.
— Dr. Wil Wong, MD Psychiatrist and Oncologist Kaiser Redwood City
Our family has enjoyed vegan cooking classes from Lisa. As a wife and mother to two committed vegans, I can attest to the difficulty in providing flavorful and varied dishes that are healthy and meet our family’s dietary concerns. Thank Goodness for Chef Lisa. She showed us to how to easily prepare health promoting plant-based meals. Lisa is friendly, easy to work with and her food tastes great.
— Kathryn Hall Vintner, HALL and WALT Wine Ambassador to Austria (1997-2001)
Chef Lisa is wonderful! At Kaiser Permanente we launched a series of classes on the benefits of a plant-based diet and the importance of food in a healthy lifestyle and Chef Lisa was an integral part of the program. She is fun, enthusiastic, passionate about education and quickly connects with her audience. Her culinary skills and knowledge perfectly complemented the informational sessions, and everyone loved learning how to put concepts into practice. I learned many tools and techniques from watching Chef Lisa and still make her chili every few weeks!
— Dr. Janis Kahn, MD Chief of Women's Health Kaiser Pleasanton
Chef Lisa is engaging and energetic and has helped bring the benefits of plant-based eating to many Kaiser staff and patients through her delicious cooking.
— Scott Brown, MPH RD Director, Health Education Kaiser Permanente, Redwood City
For the past several years I’ve been doing my best to maintain a Vegan lifestyle, primarily for health reasons, but also with a sensitivity towards animal welfare. I’ve been trying on my own, using recipes I’ve found on-line or in vegan cookbooks. I had a handful of “go-to” recipes, using little innovation or creativity. I was eating vegan, but not always making the right choices. I’d been wanting to take a vegan cooking class for quite some time, but they’re difficult to find in the Bay Area.

Then I heard about Chef Lisa from a friend of mine who had recently taken one of her courses at Kaiser. That course sounded like a good option for me, but I was really interested in some hands-on personalized coaching and cooking lessons. I spoke to Chef Lisa, and was immediately engaged by her enthusiasm and knowledge. She emphasized the valued of eating a plant-based diet, which is focused on wellness and nutrition.

Without reservation I signed up for four individualized sessions. We identified menus together, I did the shopping and then she came to my home and walked me through the meal preparation. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in my health! I felt empowered and encouraged after each of our sessions, plus I had a fridge full of balanced, healthy meals. Chef Lisa removed the intimidation of food preparation, she made it easy and manageable. Most importantly for me, she taught me techniques and recipes that fit my lifestyle and preferences. She expertly expanded my knowledge of food preparation and nutrition, and she also encouraged and energized me to work towards becoming my most healthy self. She’s fun, enthusiastic, high-energy and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re new to plant-based cooking, or if you’re someone who wants to expand your knowledge, Chef Lisa fits the bill!! She’s vegtastic!!
— Stephanie Faivre, Private Culinary Class Student